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The Speaker SSML features in WordPress

Hi! My name is Speaker. Let’s talk about SSML features in WordPress, and I show you what I can do.


Let me greet you in different languages and different voices: ?? Hello! ??‍? Bonjour! ??‍⚕️ Hola! ??‍? नमस्कार! ??‍♀️ こんにちは

The Speaker SSML features in WordPress - More than 190 voices across 30+ languages
More than 190 voices across 30+ languages

I can tell something, and then take a deep breath and continue the story. We can also breathe together. ??‍♀️Take a deep breath… exhale. Ok! Let’s continue.

I am just a synthesized voice, but I can also experience different emotions. I can be ? emotional or ? totally unemotional.

I can speak numbers differently. I can say 1234 or 1234 or 1234. I can also read various measures, like 10 foot or 10 g

In addition, I can speak words in different ways. I can say sheet or sheet or shit.

I can replace abbreviations with detailed titles and names. For example, instead of “SSML features in WordPress” I can say “SSML features in WordPress”

I understand any dates and can interpret dates in a format understandable to humans. I can say 2019-11-1 or 1-11-2019 or 1-11

And of course, I can voice dates and phones in the format that you people are used to. For example, I can say: Baby, call me at 2:30pm , my number is 1-866-TELLME-1

And this is not a complete list of everything that I can. Visit the Online documentation to learn more about the SSML features in the Speaker WordPress plugin.